Time control


The feature of Time control will allow you to register check-ins/out of the employees to comply with the daily working days register. The feature’s objective is to know the excess/defect of hours worked regarding the planned hours .

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Know more about excess/defect of hours worked. Time control informs you about default deviations of the real working hours regarding the scheduled, generating absenteeisms, overtime hours, complementary hours, etc. This allows you to know in real time your staff’s situation.

Direct and easy check-in/out from different devices. Collects check-ins/outs from different sources according to your company’s demands: Web (IP filtered), Geolocation (GPS), biometric systems (fingerprint, card or facial),etc.

Create and access anytime to the reports. We generate reports that allow a better workforce management and control, as well as the working day register for complying with the 1.h) of the R.D. Ley 16/2013, that requests the labor inspection about the accomplishment of working day register.

Export to payroll at a click. In aTurnos you can export your data to your payroll tool in a CSV file or through our API. Adjust quickly planning data with the time control data to manage time excess and defects.

What are the options for employees to check-in/out in aTurnos?

Meet our check-in/out systems integrated with the planning

Wall APP

Wall APP

It can be opened on a tablet where employees have to introduce their user ID to check-in/out.

Web, IP filtered

When the user logs in aTurnos we filter by your company’s IP and allows the check-in/out.
Card &fingerprint

Card &fingerprint

We have readers that are integrated with aTurnos in real time.


From the mobile phone when the employee is inside the company, the check-in/out can be registered.

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