Record from your computer, IP filtering and Devices


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icono-aturnos To facilitate the registration of the day for all users, aTurnos offers you a type of registration of the day that only needs a pc to be able to sign in at your company.

  • Filtered by IP

  • To sign in aTurns by IP you just have to enter with your username and password, once configured you just have to click on the button to start the day.

  • Transfer by Devices

  • The clocking by device consists of registering a device (for example: Office Computer) from which the worker performs the entry and exit markings. To register a device.

icono-aturnos Clocking by devices.

  • Any device registered (computer, cell phone, tablet) in aTurnos used by employees as a working tool can be used to register the entries and exits of the personnel. For example, a computer at the reception desk of a hotel that is registered in aTurnos, on it workers can clock in every time their shift starts or ends. We store data on the device to only allow the start and end of the workday on this device. An administrator has to give permissions on the device simply from a browser. It is a very economical solution ideal for workers who have access to devices and are on the move without being in a predefined office or space.

  • To learn how to register a device in aTurnos access our manual here.//' target='_blank'>access our manual here.<

icono-aturnos How is the clocking process?

  • It is a quick and easy procedure. In order to make the punches, workers must access with their username and password using their registered device or connected to the network and click on the '€œPlay'€ or the '€œStop'€ that appears on the upper right-hand side.

icono-aturnos Direct integration with aTurnos.

  • The signings made via IP or by a registered device are dumped directly to aTurnos where you can know in real time the situation of your team. Analyze the excess/defect of the hours worked with respect to those planned and generate absences, complementary hours, overtime, etc.

  • Plan the hours of your staff by creating shift schedules and define the tolerances with which the margin of time is established so that the absences, overtime or complementary hours are originated in the clockings of your workers.

  • From you can complete the clockings in the event that a worker has forgotten to clock in and analyze the deviations produced with respect to the planning.

  • Generate reports in PDF and/or Excel of all the clockings of your workers and keep a better control of your team, also with this you comply with the Daily Record of the Day of article 1.h) of the R.D. Law 16/2013 requested by the Labor Inspectorate.

  • Export the data to your payroll tool through a CSV file or with our API once the payroll concepts have been generated automatically in aTurnos.

icono-aturnos Configuration of the clocking system and its operation.

  • In aTurnos we have a manual where you can access all the information of our tool and learn how to configure the different clocking systems we have: