aTurnos for partners.


aTurnos para partners

The new workforce management and the digitalization of processes requires an analysis that depends on the company, the industry and the degree of use of technology. This great challenge is impossible to carry out alone, so we need travel companions to better define the processes and technology.

Thanks to aTurnos Partners program, we want IT and Human Resources companies to monetize the use of aTurnos with their clients, while offering a technological tool that saves costs and improves job satisfaction.

1. What do we offer?

In this trip we all win, we offer a billing percentage that depends on each client and industry and which can reach the 30%. In addition, we want to give you freedom and that you can invoice and carry out consulting, implementation processes and support directly for your clients within your business.

We believe the best situation is that you maintain direct contact with your clients, nobody understands their needs like you do. On the other hand, aTurnos does not demand any type of fee or costs for being a partner, we focus on the success of the projects because we trust our technology.

All the technology has been developed by aTurnos and one of our strenghts ​​is to develop quickly and with the latest technology to offer the best solutions, we depend on no one to progress.

What do we offer?

2. How does it work?

Contact us to register as a Partner, click here for the form . Tell us what you think is interesting about aTurnos. To begin with, the ideal way is to start with an implantation within one of your clients and carry out your training in a real case. Knowing all the possibilities of aTurnos in subsequent trainings you can give us new ideas and ways of doing of your clients that would enhance aTurnos and make us grow together us Partners.

We give you a few tools to offer a better service to your clients, such as:

  • The partner has a tool to track their clients performance in aTurnos and carry out follow-up actions and validation of the correct functioning of their clients. This tool is called Backoffice and it has a specific user and password to access
  • Direct access to your clients accounts to carry out training, control and support tasks.
  • The partner has the possibility to allow demonstrations or trial periods to future clients, which can be set up from the backoffice tool. This is the possibility of creating demos and test users as a sales force technique.
  • Access to the integration feature. Through the Web Service technology, the partner can develop a feature to integrate aTurnos with the rest of the client's services. The configuration of this service from the backoffice allows you to adapt the output of the Web Service to the needs of the client to automate the integration.
  • Direct communication with aTurnos team to resolve doubts, questions or new projects.
  • Priority access to new developments and new product requirements.

3. How do we start?

How do we start?

A team of aTurnos will explain to the Partner´s team how our processes (commercial, consulting, training, integration and technical) work to correctly complete the entire life cycle of the product with the client. In addition, we will send you the documentation and give you full access to aTurnos.

The partner does not maintain the server or require any IT structure for the development of the project. The system is hosted and maintained by aTurnos, and the Partner will not have to incur in any server costs.

Once trained, what we recommend is to start with a client or to contact your clients informing about the characteristics and services of aTurnos that might be useful to them. We offer an extra 10% discount for a better launch of the Partner´s sales. Monitoring the feedback, we can begin to prepare solutions for the clients.

4. Interested customer,
How is the implementation process of aTurnos?

How is an implementation project in aTurnos?

The implementation process of aTurnos is very fast since all the members involved benefit from the system: the company, the supervisors and the workers. You can launch aTurnos in your company almost without our intervention, although we recommend you to get in touch with us to complete the necessary steps for a successful implementation of our tool.

Together with our Consulting Department we can go along with you in a controlled and validated process by companies of different sizes, industries, decision making profiles, etc.

The implementation takes place in 6 weeks, and normally these are the necessary steps:

Our experience in different companies

We have experience of all kinds, here you have three examples:

Sector Hotel

Company of 4,000 employees
200 work centers.
Hotels Industry

The client is responsible for creating the teams, cloning shifts, defining and adding teams, etc. An initial training of seven (7) sessions was given to the client´s Project Manager. From that moment, except for occasional doubts, the client is completely independent.

Sector Servicios

Company of 600 employees
18 work centers.
Service industry

In this case, an initial training was given to the Managers of the different centers. Specific training for administrators, planners and validators. In this case, six (6) training sessions were held.

Sector Retail

Company of 120 workers
40 work centers.
Retail Industry

Initial training for the Customer Responsibles.
Two (2) training sessions were necessary.