What is aTurnos Wall App?



aTurnos Wall App is an application through which workers will be able to clock in and out by typing their user ID.

Each worker has a user ID number in aTurnos, this can be viewed within each user's aTurnos profile. To clock in and out using the Wall App, the employee must enter this number into the app and their clock in and out is recorded. This ID reading process can also be done by QR code, these QR codes are generated in aTurnos with the administration tools.

The application must be left open on the device and workers only see a numeric keypad in which they must insert their ID. It can be a perfect substitute for biometric systems as it is a faster and cheaper alternative. It is the ideal solution for those centers with low volume where you do not want to make a large investment.

icono-aturnos Access to aTurnos Wall App

Click here to access this application

icono-aturnos Perfect substitute for Biometric systems

  • This application (whose access is through a link) can be left open on a tablet or smartphone, for example at the entrance to the facilities or the work environment.

icono-aturnos The App is free

  • By hiring our Attendance Control module you can choose the method of signing that best suits your activity (or several at the same time) being the use of this App one of them.

  • Direct integration with planning, vacations, permits, etc.

  • As part of shifts, the markings are recorded automatically, so that the comparison between the previously planned times and the times actually worked is direct.

  • From aTurnos you can generate reports with which to keep better control of your team and comply with the Daily Workday Record of Article 1.h) of R.D. Law 16/2013 requested by the Labor Inspection.

  • Export the attendance control data easily to your payroll tool in CSV file or through our API once the time management has been adjusted and the payroll concepts have been generated automatically in aTurnos.

icono-aturnos Configuration of the Wall App.