Thanks to aTurnos for the dreamed planning and management tool

Roberto Alda Manzano - People Planning Specialist en Ikea

The objective consist on facing the most important challenges in the retail sector in what is related to planning and time management automating processes and empowering

Employee and managers empowerment

Manage your time and tasks through an automated staff planning of your and generate data in daily operations. Improve transparency in the information access and auto management

Planning with versatility

Offer better contracts regarding times and plan your employees in their best shift and position, departments or locations.

Process automation

Detect organization’s necessities to increment productivity automatizing processes in the business variables, and complying with the law thanks to artificial intelligence.

About aTurnos implementation in Ikea




One of the greatest achievements of this project, is that in IKEA we have reduced the planning schedules time in more of the 50%

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